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Bring your drawings, to the site.

Collaborate with architects, builders, consultants and trades around drawings, tasks and RFIs using SiteSupervisor - the best in design and construction management.

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From Design, To Delivered.

SiteSupervisor was purpose built for everyone in the construction process, from architects and consultants, through to principal contractors, sub contractors and everyone on site. It’s the only digital collaboration platform that enables real-time interaction between all team members, with unique features tailored for each role.

Digital Drawing Register

Like you have never seen before.


Your drawings, anywhere.

Distribution and Control of drawings made easy. All your drawings at your fingertips in Ultra High Definition, plus markups, overlays, and digital transmittal features.

UHD drawings for construction site-plans
Markups to site-plans and their revisions
Digital drawing register for all staff on every constructuin project
  • Ultra High Definition

    Ultra High Definition

    View drawings on any device in Ultra High Definition and see every line in detail.

  • Markups


    Markup drawings on the spot and share them with the site team.

  • Controlled Distribution

    Controlled Distribution

    Seamlessly manage approval of a revision, and distribute it neatly to those who should see it.

Free, forever.

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Detailed Sample Project
  • Unlimited SiteComms
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited SiteTeam
  • Unlimited Business Contacts
  • Your Personal Profile
  • Your Business Profile
  • Unlimited Personal To-Dos


Stay organised.

SiteTasks helps you coordinate all the work your team does together. So everyone knows what needs to get done, who’s responsible, and who to speak to.

Purpose-built task management for construction projects


Collaboration delivered.

SiteComms helps you get the answers you need faster, and to give clear instructions to others. Spend less time chasing, and get it right the first time.

Get clear instructions on construction sites
  • RFI's And Submittals

    RFI's And Submittals

    Send RFI's and Submittals and get answers back when it matters.

  • True Collaboration

    True Collaboration

    Add the right people to the conversation so everyone is on the same page

  • Markup & Attachments

    Markup & Attachments

    Markup directly on drawings so everyone knows exactly where the issue is.

  • Audit Trail

    Audit Trail

    Keep everything filed for later in one place. All communications are kept, so you can check back at any time on what was agreed or specified.


Your profile.

Your information stays with you from project to project. Make it easy for yourself, and for those who need to be in the know.

Stay connected with everyone on-site with SiteTeam
  • Compliance


    Make it easy to reference your industry compliance. No more searching through cupboards.

  • Licenses


    Let people know what licenses you have. Including vehicle, operational and machinery licenses

  • Qualifications


    Be proud! List all your trades and apprenticeships, courses completed and even your first aid certifications

  • Emergency Information

    Emergency Information

    All your emergency details for the right people to find if needed

Hierarchy matters.

We know the importance of hierarchy on-site. We make it easy for you to understand reporting lines, and who you need to talk to.


Project Information

All your project and company information in the one place.

Key project people, permits and compliance documents, are all just a click away no matter where you are. Upload your company documents once and bring them over on the job whenever you need them.

It used to take days finding all my documents just to be compliant to get on-site. With SiteSupervisor, what used to take weeks now takes minutes.
Stephen A
SiteOverview brings building project information, safety and compliance documents to the one place

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