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SiteSupervisor is so much more than a cloud based storage platform. Offering document storage, digital drawing registers, structure and a variety of powerful features built for the construction industry.

Unlike traditional cloud based file storage platforms, SiteSupervisor utilises a familiar transmittal format. This transmittal layout enables a user to view the entire history of a project and its associated revisions, cutting out significant time and uncertainty normally associated with finding the correct revision. Its so much more than a storage solution.

A business subscribes to SiteSupervisor through creation of a business account. When employees of that business are added into SiteSupervisor by the subscriber, those employees (users) are counted in fee calculations for purposes of billing the subscriber. Lets say for example you are a subbie and you’ve got nine employees within your business on SiteSupervisor. In that case you’d be billed for ten subscriptions in a month – for you plus your nine employees. Some important points to note about our pricing:

  • We’ve been in construction long enough to know no-one pays in advance!
  • Secondly, all billing is pro-rated. Whilst invoicing is done monthly, we calculate billing on a daily basis taking into account the total number of users within your business’s subscription on each day.
  • Thirdly, with SiteSupervisor’s unique approach, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got one project on the go or twenty. One subscription to SiteSupervisor unlocks the power of the platform. We don’t “hit you up” every time you start a new project.

We at SiteSupervisor value your privacy. When you sign-up, and start completing your personal profile (and business profile for subscriber accounts) the information you are being asked to complete is strictly for the purposes of helping you and your business prosper. Whenever you enter personal information in SiteSupervisor profiles, you’ll see a color-coded indicator which clearly identifies to you the roles – which in the context of a particular project or business – would be able to view that data. In addition to these design features, we have gone to great lengths to adopt leading-edge software security measures and have made a contractual commitment to our entire user community to undergo annual software security testing by a specialist third-party security company.

This is one of the great things about SiteSupervisor. Once you’ve got your business on SiteSupervisor, its there! It’s a one-time effort and thereafter you can get your business set-up on another project within a couple of minutes. The principal contractor or administrator on the new project just sends you an invite for your business to join their project. Your business then accepts the invite, and you’re away.

Work out which employees from your business you’ll assign to the new project, define their project specific roles, reporting hierarchy, and they’re on their way.

Within a few minutes you’ve extended your business through SiteSupervisor, giving the Principal Contractor the information they need to get you onto the site in a streamlined manner.

Once you’ve created your account, the best way to get started in SiteSupervisor is to spend a few minutes completing your personal profile. Every SiteSupervisor user has a personal profile. The personal profile lets you maintain organised electronic copies of all your industry certification, licences etc in one handy place. The more complete it is, the better you represent yourself on the site, and to your employer. Your personal profile moves with you from site to site, so you only have to do it once!

If you are a business (subscriber) to SiteSupervisor, then you’ll also have a business profile to complete. This is your opportunity to establish a powerful presence for your business in the SiteSupervisor community. Once you’ve established your Business Profile, it becomes a comprehensive “contact” which you can share with other businesses on SiteSupervisor, as a means of raising the profile of your business, and putting your best foot forward.

No, not in the first instance. The business owner, administrator or another authorised delegate needs to sign-up for SiteSupervisor by creating a Business Account

The Business Account is where the billing will be directed for users within that business. Once a business account has been created, the authorised user can then invite employees of that business to join the business within SiteSupervisor. Through SiteSupervisor’s unique system of engagement, employees are linked under the business account, creating a virtual representation of the business.

No. SiteSupervisor is built using the latest technology. No longer do you need to download an app. As long as you’ve got access to the internet, you are good to go. What’s more, because there’s no app to download, it means you never have to update to a newer version. You’ll always have the latest at your fingertips.

SiteSupervisor dynamically adjusts and scales to whatever device you are on, across a multitude of browser platforms. So generally speaking, whether it’s a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or PC – we’ve got you covered.

SiteSupervisor has an extensive support system. On this website you will find handy explanations of what you can do, and tips and advice. When you are logged onto the SiteSupervisor platform, you can always access the system FAQ’s from the menu in the top right corner. Additionally, short help videos are available throughout the platform to guide you through popular features. If you still need a pointer, just send a “Get Support” request to the team and we’ll get you sorted. Our team is here to help.