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Add Employees

To make the most of SiteSupervisor, it is important to have the whole team on the platform. Inviting your employees only takes seconds, making exchanging of information quick and easy as the project progresses.

The Employees tab in your business profile contains a list of all current employees in your business on SiteSupervisor, along with a hierarchical view of your business.

To add a new employee, follow these steps:

  1. Select the ‘Employees’ tab in the top toolbar.
  2. To add a new employee, select the ‘Add employee’ button from the right menu bar. Note only Owner/Principals and Administrators listed in the right bar can add employees.

Add Employees

  1. In the ‘Add employee’ menu, complete the basic details for your employee, select their business permission level and who they report to in the business. Once completed, select the ‘Add’ button. Note that a basic subscription will automatically be applied for each employee added to SiteSupervisor.
  2. Once the ‘Add employee’ form is completed, the employee will receive an email to complete creating their SiteSupervisor login and join the business.