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SiteComms is a feature of SiteSupervisor that allows for structured sharing and communication between team members of a project.


When your SiteComms fills up, you can use the left sidebar to filter conversations by project, type, and responder.

Site Comms

To create a new SiteComm, select ‘New SiteComm’ from the SiteComms drop down at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can create a new SiteComm in the SiteComm page by selecting ‘My SiteComms’ from the drop down, and then selecting the ‘New SiteComm’ button.

New Site Comms

In this menu, you can fill out the details of the SiteComm. Select the project the message is for and the subject title. The message type determines the purpose of the message, and the response type determines the expected response from the message. Some response types will require an official responder, whose reply to the message will close the SiteComm. Collaborators are other users who you wish to view/comment on the SiteComm.

New Site Comms 2

To send the SiteComm, select the ‘Send Message’ button.