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Complete Personal Profile

Every user on SiteSupervisor has a ‘Personal Profile’ page for them to fill out with their details. Using their individual profiles, users can upload their details and documents for their team members in their business and projects to see. This valuable information enables the process of site induction to occur quickly and efficiently and can be referenced anytime by employers when necessary.

Personal Profile

To access your Personal Profile, select the person icon in the upper-right hand corner of the screen shown in the image below, and click on Personal Profile.

Personal Profile

The ‘Profile’ tab will be selected by default. This tab contains basic information about the user. Sections in the Personal Profile are marked with colours to reflect who can view the information. Green means anyone in your business or project can view, orange sections are restricted to business administrators and principal contractors on a project, and yellow is restricted to only business administrators.


To edit this information, follow these steps.

  1. Select the ‘Edit personal profile’ button in the right bar to edit the details in the profile tab. Select ‘Save’ when finished.

Edit Personal Profile

Note that you can also change your password in the right bar of this tab.

Information can be stored in the ‘Compliance’ and ‘Emergency’ tabs. In these tabs you can select the edit button in the right bar to edit the details on these pages.

  1. Personal documents can be stored in the ‘Licenses’ and ‘Qualifications’ tabs of the Personal Profile. Documents can be uploaded using the add button in the right bar of each tab.
  2. The information stored in the ‘Compliance,’ ‘Licenses,’ ‘Qualifications’ and ‘Emergency’ tabs is information that the user can bring with them between projects and allows for employers to find information on employees easier and quickly.