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My Business Onsite

My Business On Site is where all information in a project specific to your business is stored. Here you can add employees from your business to the project and attach business documents to the business’s project profile.
An important aspect of my business on site is adding users to your project.

  1. Select ‘My business on site’ from the left side bar. By default, you will be in the ‘Employees on site’ tab. This page will display all employees currently on the project.
  2. To add a new employee to the project, select ‘Add employee to project’ button from the right-side bar of the page.

Add Employees Project

  1. The ‘Positions’ tab allows you to assign just team members from your business roles within the project. These can be added from the ‘Assign team member’ button on the right-side bar.

Note that unlike the roles assigned in SiteOverview, these roles are exclusively just for project members within your business.

  1. The remaining ‘Policies,’ ‘Compliance, ’Health & Safety,’ and ‘Insurance’ tabs are where you can attach uploaded documents from your business profile. When uploaded onto the project, these documents can be viewed by other businesses on the project.