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In SiteTasks, you can assign, manage, filter, and progress tasks throughout the life of your project. Tasks can be re-assigned to team members, re-prioritised and re-organised at any time by users with the correct project permissions (link)

To create a task, select the ‘SiteTasks’ button in the left-side project menu of the project you wish to add a task to.

Site Tasks

The SiteTasks page is divided into four sections. These sections signify the stages of progression a task can undergo.

To create a new task, first select the ‘Add task’ button.

  1. Note that Users with project permissions 3 and business permissions ‘Standard User’ will not be able to.

Add Tasks

  1. In the ‘Create Task’ menu, complete all the task details, including the task status, task type, name and description. Any required fields are marked with ‘*’.

Note that certain project permissions will restrict what project members some users are able to assign tasks to.

  1. When finished, select the ‘Save’ button to create the task. Name the task “Learn SiteSupervisor”. Add a suitable description.

Not Started

Another feature of SiteTasks is that subtasks can be created from existing tasks. When a task is open, select the ‘Add subtasks’ button to create subtasks within tasks.

Add Subtask