Organize Project-Wide Documents

You will organize and store everything that’s relevant to your project under SiteSupervisor’s Project Overview . This is the public face of your project where every new incoming team member will have the information that was provided in the site induction or on boarding program. Project Overview will also have the entire project team’s contacts, who they work for, and how they fit in. This information will be available to each team member as they come into the platform network, along with the Principal Contractor’s Compliance, Policies, and OHS&E documentation.

All  first aid certificate holders are automatically registered and identified no matter who they are working for. The foundation for Project Overview is the sharing of all statutory information and general information to assist in making the site safer and more efficient.

All emergency information is now available to everyone rather than the out-dated notice board.

Access to all site permits and certificates without digging through files or old emails is to everyone’s advantage.

SiteSupervisor ensures that everyone on your team has access to project and site-specific information when they need it, the day they commence on site. 

Remember, this information can be updated easily by the administrator of the platform. We all know projects are not static and information constantly changes, so we’ve made it easy to do things like repositioning evacuation assembly points as the project progresses on Project Overview. This way, all team members have the latest information instantly. 

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