How to – Archive or Re-Open a Project

Projects that have stagnated for some reason or are just no longer of interest may be archived. It is simply a way of putting that project into an archive so that it no longer appears in your working folders. Or putting it another way, Archiving a project is the same as  getting all the paperwork together and putting it in a box for future reference.

Archived projects can still be viewed for reference purposes, in the archive folder. But when a project is in an archived state, updates to that project cannot occur.

To archive a project, locate it in the dashboard and open SiteOverview. From here, select the “Archive project” button which can be found to the right of the screen.

To Re-Open an archived project, locate it in the Archived folder and open SiteOverview and select “re-open project”.   Thereafter the project will be re-instated into the appropriate folder based on the project status of the project when it was archived, as if it was never archived originally.

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