Know your projects

There’s nothing worse than working on a project with minimal information.

Someone waved their arms around a whole lot and said something along the lines of “this goes here, that goes there… I’m sure you’ll figure it out. If you have any questions, just give me a call.” Guess what, you’ve just received what the football world might refer to as a “hospital pass”.

Why is it that all the detailed plans and specifications only seem to become important after you’ve made a mistake and you’ve started the rework – we all know too well that this is always at our own cost, of course!

How often has this happened to you? Generally, it is on the smaller jobs where the planning rigour is not so strong and where the project coordinator has the least amount of skill and experience of everyone for miles around.

How about somewhat larger jobs? Would this still happen? Almost certainly not, although the opportunity to work from old plans is still strong but at least your instructions will be clearer and the supervision rather a lot stronger.

Let’s step back a little and contemplate the entire construction management process. Surely the most important component of any such process is communication. The more often relevant, timely information is available to everyone, the fewer mistakes, queries, backlogs and finger-pointing will occur.

Sounds simple.

Actually, it really is that simple. Systems exist today to do exactly that. They can profile and inform every business on the project regardless of whether they are the primary contractor, sub-contractor or minor trades. Everyone has all the relevant information about everyone else including certification compliance, emergency contacts and the availability of trained first-aiders, just to name a few aspects.

As a contractor, you’ll find yourself fitting right into this new ecosystem. All you need is for the project owners to create the project with drawings, tasks, site information and everything else associated with an active project.

When the system is able to support an effective management structure, permitting work to be done, queries to be addressed quickly without causing a significant work load, everyone benefits.

There is a system that is free for forever and it is taking off around the world. It’s working because it’s getting teams connected to a project with no additional cost or fees.

You may have found it but have not bothered to get it deployed on site yet. Don’t be the last to discover its power in simple but effective tools to get the project on the right foundation from day one.

SiteSupervisor provides the ability to get your whole team on the same platform, free forever. Get your project off the ground today!

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SiteSupervisor is the collaboration network for the construction industry, created to reduce risk across every project. With unsurpassed drawing distribution and document control, powerful task management, business connections, and profiles which stay with you from project to project. SiteSupervisor is THE digital ecosystem delivering productivity improvement to our industry through effective collaboration.


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