SiteSupervisor looks great on paper, but how does it work in practice?

We can all talk about the power of SiteSupervisor. But often, it’s the power of a live demonstration that convinces people.

We recently took the opportunity to sit down with a widely-known international fit-out company to show them the full power of SiteSupervisor. Like many construction companies, they were somewhat sceptical of anything new and they were time poor, so they needed to be convinced. After all, it looked great on paper, but how did it work in practice? They knew that nothing they looked at in the past had lived up to what they’d been told it could do.

One of SiteSupervisor’s customer support team spent around 60 minutes walking them through the the platform, how to initially configure SiteSupervisor for their own business, and how to initiate a project.

Of course, it takes a bit of time to get familiar with a system that will improve productivity, but was not rocket science and they started to become proficient in the hour session.

Once a project was created, they were able to invite contractors and sub-contractors to the project, and they in turn could identify workers that would be assigned to the project. Next, high-definition plans and other documents were uploaded to the shared workspace, and a full revision system was also shown. Before long, tasks could be created that would organise the entire sequence of activities. This demonstrated how SiteSupervisor provided a permanent audit trail of all communications between everyone involved in the project. Markups were applied to any drawing to be used as a basis for explaining work to be done.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, the lightbulb went on! Our fit-out company owner could suddenly see the advantages. With all communication in the open and fully audited, finger-pointing would be a thing of the past (mostly!). Furthermore, everyone would have access to the latest drawing revisions – thus a significant reduction in the level of re-work. Finally, the project manager had total visibility of the entire project – no secrets.

They still can’t believe the cost and the value for what really is the price of four cups of coffee per month.

Best of all, the entire system was cloud-based and accessible from all devices, from office-bound desktop PCs through to laptops, tablets, and mobile phones – everyone on site has a phone and the entire power of SiteSupervisor is delivered into the hands of every person while they’re on the job.

The company owner was convinced.

A roll-out followed soon after and the very next project they commenced was built and managed with SiteSupervisor. The gains were obvious and immediate.

Once everyone knew that there was one source of truth, and that source was permanent, site communication improved enormously – if it wasn’t in SiteSupervisor, it didn’t happen. Productivity improved as tasks were performed quicker – those same communication tools permitted everyone to better understand their place in the project and who was waiting for them to complete their task.

Credit for Time Served!

Have you been locked into a contract with another crowd? No worries! If we validate that you are locked into a contract with a competitor, we will let you use SiteSupervisor for free for the remainder of your current commitment.

You won’t need a tour.

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