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Building sites are complex ecosystems; the SiteSupervisor team knows – we’ve been working on them for decades. With all that complexity, no wonder you see lines outside the site office, people emailing “What revision are we on?” and boundless calls from the site to the architect with obvious questions… The list goes on, and on…

Basically there are too many grey areas on site, finger pointing and responsibility getting pushed about too easily. Frustration goes up, costs go up, and then things get rushed and quality can go down. When it gets really bad, who is to blame? Often that can get worked out in court or by insurance providers, which could be months or years down the track.

With SiteSupervisor, we are committed to solving all of that. True Site Hierarchy is literally that – exactly how a site hierarchy works – who should be talking to who and how info is passed up and down the chain in the most efficient way possible.

Not only is that great for communications, but add in all the other key features like plans, markups, responsibility management, and all of a sudden you’re saying “how on Earth did we manage this before?”

Now, everything good takes some work; getting it right the first few times will take a little time, but setting up your hierarchy on a project is well worth it.

TIP – If you ever need help on how best to add someone’s permissions on site, we’ve done it thousands of times before – just use the Get Support button under your name in the platform.  


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