Unlimited Storage

A big benefit that SiteSupervisor delivers is unlimited really means unlimited.

Unlike Dropbox and other cloud storage solutions, SiteSupervisor has unlimited document storage with no hidden or extra fees. For $15 USD ($20AUD) you can start unlimited projects and upload infinite drawings without worrying about running out of space.

Files are stored so your history on the platform is always available, all you need is online access and you can pull up everything you’ve ever added. 

Got a problem on site you’ve solved before? Imagine the power of being able to show a client a specialised solution or feature from a past completed project. With SiteSupervisor you can even upload your old projects so you can wow clients by pulling up drawings or markups anytime to explain a suggested detail or finish. 

Credit for Time Served!

Have you been locked into a contract with another crowd? No worries! If we validate that you are locked into a contract with a competitor, we will let you use SiteSupervisor for free for the remainder of your current commitment.

You won’t need a tour.

No Credit Card. No Strings attached

SiteSupervisor is the collaboration network for the construction industry, created to reduce risk across every project. With unsurpassed drawing distribution and document control, powerful task management, business connections, and profiles which stay with you from project to project. SiteSupervisor is THE digital ecosystem delivering productivity improvement to our industry through effective collaboration.


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