Why do I seem to be the first to discover something, yet amongst the last to adopt it?


Why is it? Why do I seem to be amongst the first to discover something new, yet amongst the last to adopt it?

Many years ago, I was part of a large architectural practice. We had the biggest army of documenter’s you’ve ever seen. They were all busy producing an endless stream of drawings, and revision, after revision, after revision. The plan printers were kept amazingly busy and the table space was huge. One day, I went to a seminar to see AutoCAD. The future had arrived! Everyone I knew was switching, but I liked the way we did things – it was familiar and comfortable.

In the mid-2000s, I had read all the press reports and I was telling everyone about the wonders of the new iPhone, how it would revolutionise the entire telephone industry, and how it was the best thing since sliced bread, as it were. All my friends and colleagues believed me and purchased them in droves, and yet I persisted with my old Blackberry. It was good enough, and I’d spent a fortune buying it!

“I’m not a laggard, I’m just practical,” I would tell myself.

However, this time, it’s different. I have seen the future for the construction industry and I want to be part of it.

For the construction industry, SiteSupervisor is a bigger deal than either AutoCAD or the iPhone. It is revolutionising the process and execution of projects. It is reducing re-work requirements, reducing ‘finger-pointing’, and definitely reducing stress levels. In addition, there will be a significant improvement in project visibility and in communication amongst everyone involved on the project, whether they work for you or for any of the many sub-contractors.

SiteSupervisor is not a company-based platform, it’s for the whole industry. Unlike any other construction project management tool, the core of SiteSupervisor revolves around three key components. People, drawings, and robust communication. This concept is unique.

There’s a reason why in the space of just a couple of months, around 10,000 people in over 177 countries have discovered SiteSupervisor and registered to use it.

Imagine having all of the latest project information – tasks, communications, and the latest plan revisions available on that very same iPhone you shunned so many years ago. With SiteSupervisor, that’s exactly what you have. The entire project in the palm of your hand.

You need to ask yourself, are you ‘practical’ like me, or do you embrace change?

Don’t give your competitors a tactical and financial advantage .

Credit for Time Served!

Have you been locked into a contract with another crowd? No worries! If we validate that you are locked into a contract with a competitor, we will let you use SiteSupervisor for free for the remainder of your current commitment.

You won’t need a tour.

No Credit Card. No Strings attached

Want to see more?

It’s free, forever.

SiteSupervisor is the collaboration network for the construction industry, created to reduce risk across every project. With unsurpassed drawing distribution and document control, powerful task management, business connections, and profiles which stay with you from project to project. SiteSupervisor is THE digital ecosystem delivering productivity improvement to our industry through effective collaboration.


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