How did 10,000 people in 177 countries discover SiteSupervisor in just a couple of months?

Today, I’d like to pose a question. Why is it that in the space of just a couple of months, around 10,000 people in over 177 countries have discovered SiteSupervisor and registered to use it?

Are they simply stumbling over SiteSupervisor and saying, “what the heck, let’s sign up”, or do they actually see some value for their business in what SiteSupervisor has to offer?

Judging by the rate and extent of usage beyond merely typing their email address, it is clear that people are investing time to learn more about SiteSupervisor and to understand how they might transition their entire business onto this platform.

Just like any major online software tool (often referred to as ‘software as a service’ or SaaS), there is a progression that users must step through. They will register an email address and we will ask them to confirm it. Once done, they will have full access to the platform to create whatever they want – be that a test environment or a full-blooded implementation. Well over 80% of people who offered us their email address have confirmed it and have started configuring their environment. Industry experts tell us that it is a very high proportion.

SiteSupervisor is a revolution in the construction industry, and these early adopters can see that. Unlike any other construction project management tool, the core of SiteSupervisor revolves around three key components -people, drawings, and robust communication. It is priced so everyone can afford to be part of it.

The site team is defined independently of any project they work on – they’re defined purely as being linked to their employer.

SiteSupervisor maintains the drawing register with full version control to ensure everyone has the most recent revision of every drawing. This means a dramatic drop in re-work as tradies will no longer be working off old drawings and minimising the re-issuing of drawings sets multiple times throughout the day.

Finally, SiteSupervisor is strongly linked to a robust and auditable communication system that encourages full interaction amongst everyone on site, thus leading to less ‘finger-pointing’ and lower stress levels.

10,000 people in over 177 countries can’t be wrong.

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SiteSupervisor is the collaboration network for the construction industry, created to reduce risk across every project. With unsurpassed drawing distribution and document control, powerful task management, business connections, and profiles which stay with you from project to project. SiteSupervisor is THE digital ecosystem delivering productivity improvement to our industry through effective collaboration.


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